Weekly Wine Pairing: Good & Evil, Sweet & Spicy


We all know opposites attract. It's one of the fundamental principles of our world. That's why this pairing of two intensely different yet exquisite flavors makes such a perfect match. Just in time for summer, the sweetness of the Cavit Moscato compliments the fiery spice of our Mussels Marinara Fra Diavolo to create an impeccable taste experience that just may be impossible to beat...

Cavit Moscato is grown and fermented in Northern Italy, nestled on the southern edge of the Alps. Generally speaking, Moscato wines are focused on their sweet flavor. Cavit, however, has created a full bodied flavor with layers of apricot, white peach and sage to create a refreshingly drinkable wine more balanced than its competitors. Most others in the Moscato family rate between 8 and 10 on a sweetness scale, while Cavit offers a blend that is more focused on a robust essence of flavor.

Evil can only be tamed by good. That is exactly why we've paired our Mussels Marinara Fra Diavolo with the sweetness of the wine above. "Devil Brother", which is the translation of fra diavolo from the Italian language, is a tomato based sauce that has quite a bit more kick than a traditional marinara. This sauce accompanies our freshly delivered New Zealand Green Mussels plate over linguini. The barrage of spice is complimented by the angelic, crisp and rejuvenating grapes of the Cavit wine.  

As always, these are just suggestions and we know not everyone has the same tastes. Cavit Moscato also pairs extremely well with our cajun spiced dishes, or our pepperoni and jalapeno pizza. Please keep following us for more suggestions, and thank you in advance for supporting local breweries as we seek out the best in Arizona homegrown craft beers. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Ron Siegel