IPA and Sweet Bourbon Pecan Crusted Salmon


IPA's and sweets aren't generally thought of as being complimentary to one another. Not because it's not true, but because it's just not a something you see all that often. Leave it to the Pacific Northwest to create an IPA that works so well with our seafood. If you've yet to attempt this amazing combo, we have the perfect suggestion for you! 

The "Hoppy Bitch IPA" from Northwest Brewing Company, located just East of Tacoma in Pacific, Washington, is a bold and beautifully balanced brew. A perfect golden color is derived from the rich malt and heavy handed hop recipe using only the finest base ingredients finished off with in-state grown hops. With a 6.3% ABV & 65 IBU, this deep and unique finish of this beer is the perfect companion to a sweet and savory Bourbon Salmon.

A fresh salmon fillet,  pecan crusted and basted with sweet bourbon glaze makes for a fantastic texture combination of crunch, flake and thick saccharine on this house favorite. Sautéed spinach and sweet potato ravioli complete this amazingly colorful and delicious meal.  A substantial dish with all this sweetness requires a beer that can cut through and leave an impression of it's own. Hoppy Bitch IPA accomplishes this feat in spectacular fashion, so much so that we'd be surprised if there's room for dessert ;).

As always, these are just suggestions and we know not everyone has the same tastes. Hoppy Bitch IPA also pairs extremely well with Sirloin and Coconut Shrimp Combo, Cajun Breast of Chicken, and of course our famous house made Cheesecake. Please keep following us for more suggestions, and thank you in advance for supporting local breweries and our restaurant as we bring you new and exciting combinations each and every week!

Ron Siegel