Ribeyes and Red Wine. A Match Made in Heaven.


In the pantheon of great food and wine pairings, it is difficult to find a more revered combination than a deep flavored cabernet complimenting a perfectly cooked ribeye steak. The relatively simple flavor of 16 ounces of pure American beef melts in the mouth alongside a glass of the complex palette offered by Sterling Vineyards Vintners Collection. 

Sourced from the famed Napa Valley of California, Sterling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon boasts an elegant, intricate flavor profile. A smooth, supple, well balanced mix of dark cherries, currants and spice give way to a fine chocolatey finish. Bold flavors with a surprising approachability make Sterling Cab the perfect partner for our Ribeye.

What else needs to be said about a perfectly marbled, flame grilled Ribeye Steak? Our chefs lock in the flavor with a high-heat sear, trapping the flavor inside while cooking to your desired temperature. Along with your steak you are provided with two side items. For the purposes of this blog, we chose a fully loaded baked potato (butter, bacon, cheddar, chives and sour cream) with our signature garlic sautéed spinach. 

As always, these are just suggestions and we know not everyone has the same tastes. Sterling Cab also pairs extremely well with our Portobello with Four Cheese Pizza, Stuffed Eggplant Florentine, and Cajun Breast of Chicken. Please keep following us for more suggestions, and thank you in advance for supporting local breweries and our restaurant as we bring you new and exciting combinations each and every week!


Ron Siegel