Weekly Wine Pairing: Guenoc Merlot & Chicken Marsala


Hey there!

Glad to have you back for the weekly wine pairing! This week we have a new bar selection in the Guenoc Merlot from California, paired with a house favorite in the Chicken Marsala. Both feature bold, deep flavors that play off one another for a rich, indulgent experience. 

Hailing from 60 miles north of San Francisco, the Guenoc Valley covers over 21,000 acres of land. In addition to this vast area, Guenoc sources from the premier growing areas in the state to produce wines with flavors that exemplify the diversity of soils in this region. Guenoc Merlot in particular, features raspberry and cherry with subtle notes of vanilla oak. This makes for a full-flavored, approachable drink with a supple finish. 

Such rich and full-bodied red is matched by our famous Chicken Marsala. Coated and sautéed chicken cutlet is covered in a Marsala reduction sauce, which is cooked down to a thick and syrupy texture accompanied by fresh mushrooms and herbs. This produces a sweet and savory flavor that can stand up to, but not overshadow the complexity of the merlot. A mountain of home-made mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables round this dish out as a full meal that you'll most likely need a doggie bag for.

As always, these pairings are just suggestions. This merlot also pairs well with the Garlic, Chicken and Artichoke Pizza, Flame Grilled Top Sirloin and Linguini with Meatballs. We strive to provide flavors to fit any palette and preference. Thanks so much for checking us out, and stay tuned for the Beer & Menu Pairing later this week featuring local brewery 12 West based out of North East Mesa! 

Ron Siegel