Weekly Beer & Menu Pairing


Brew Pairings:

3 Skulls Blood Orange Wit
& Romano Crusted Chicken

Hello and welcome to the new Red, White & Brew blog! Each week we will feature a different craft brew, and a boutique wine paired with an item from our dinner menu. This weeks' brew pairing is brought to you by Northwest Brewing Company, located in Pacific, Washington just south of Seattle. Most of the craft brews we offer on tap are Arizona based, but once we tasted the 3 Skulls Blood Orange Wit, we had to make an exception.

Blood Orange Wit is a true Belgian style wheat beer brewed with wheat, pilsner, and German malts along with rolled oats for a palate-filling experience that will leave you feeling refreshed. Flavors and aromas of citrus, banana, and spice come from our German yeast strain, hand crushed coriander, and two types of orange peel.

With this in my mind, we've paired this draft with our Romano Crusted Chicken over Fettuccini. This dish is light enough to match the airy and easy drinkability of the beer while featuring a light lemon wine sauce that compliments the citrus notes. The crunch of the breaded chicken and the savory sautéed capers, artichoke hearts and button mushrooms offer just enough contrast to round out the pairing!

This particular brew has an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of 5.5%, which is slightly higher than average for similarly brewed beers while the IBU (International Bitterness Unit) is rated 20. Generally the IBU for beer is between 5 and 120, with the lower end of this spectrum being easier drinking, lighter flavors making it perfect for spring and summer drinking. 

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Ron Siegel