Valentines Plans?


Valentines is coming up quickly. We at the Brew are extremely proud to have been mentioned by TripAdvisor as upscale, yet affordable option for your V day date. Unlike most restaurants, we are committed to offering our full menu, instead of a prix fixe list of predictable entrees and desserts.

On such a special day, we feel that you should have a fantastic experience. Not only will we offer our full menu, but we have a tailored daily specials menu full of unique choices specifically suited to the holiday. Nobody should be rushed through their celebration, and we would be extremely excited if you choose to spend your holiday with our organization. 

See our shout out on the TripAdvisor website at the following link. And as always, we are a first come, first serve establishment due to high demand. We look forward to seeing you and your loved one and can't wait to make it an extraordinary experience!

Ron Siegel